1000 NM upwind – day 13/17 (15 photos)

Monopoli – Vieste 86 NM

I was lucky to be a part of this fabulous adventure 1 and half-year ago. We had to transfer a 36 foot long sailing boat from Finike (Turkey) to Funtana (Croatia). We made it in 17 days and we left 1142 NM behind us. The route was Porec (Croatia) – Wien (Austria) – Antalya (Turkey) – Finike (Turkey) – Rhodos (Greece) – Kos (Greece) – Amorgos (Greece) – Mykonos (Greece) – Athene (Greece) – Chorint (Greece) – Nafpaktos (Greece) – Corfu (Greece) – Otranto (Italy) – Monopoli (Italy) – Vieste (Italy) – Vis (Croatia) – Murter (Croatia) – Unije (Croatia) and home, Funtana. It was the adventure of my life, the 17 best days ever.

Here is the day 13, the 05.10.2010.  Monopoli – Vieste 86 NM

The worst day of the trip. We left Monopoli at 6:40 in the morning. Out of the harbour the wind were only 3 to 5 KN. After it came to 35 KN and it was not so fun. We made a “small” mistake and almost loosed the boat and our lives. 2 hours fighting with waves and strong wind … i don’t like even to think about it. What happened on the boat stays on the boat. The only important thing is that the boat is safe, we are alive and still friends. I don’t know how many friendships would survive such a situation. There are not too much photos of that day, here are only this few poor shots.

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