4 thoughts on “people on my way… p

    • hmmmm … now when i have read your comment i can see it, it is really disctracting. i’ll try to darken the face and see. i’ll probably post the photo again. thank you very much for this constructive suggestion, christian 🙂

      • You are welcome, and please do keep in mind that we all see photos a bit different. I am just totally fascinate by the figure of the woman in the center, and feel that the eye ought to be directed toward her. – But it all depends! :)……..

      • i uploaded another version where i tried to darken the right personn … i agree, petra, the woman in the middle is supposed to be the main object of the image but… the problem were the people around and the flash which made to much light on the person in the right corner … i have to learn a lot of staff, like the composition for example 🙂 Thank you once again

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