my first sailing photoshot… (26 photos)

this was the first time (in 2009)Ā i had the possibility to take some shots of a regatta from a boat and it was a disaster… i had no idea how to adjust the camera and i have a lot of blurred shots but ok … as i wrote, it was the first time … today i played with post processing of this old images… some hdr and some other tricks

12 thoughts on “my first sailing photoshot… (26 photos)

    • yes, one exposure … “batch single photos” in photomatix … i’m new with hdr and this is the only way the photos looks (near) as i want it šŸ™‚

  1. Beautiful images, I remember when I was first starting out as a yacht photographer. I can still remember what it was like shooting the Americas Cup out on the water for a hundred days smashing my camera into my eye socket, sun burned and covered with salt spray. I loved every second if it. keep up the good work, or play I should say šŸ™‚

    • 100 days shoting the Americas Cup ? I would kill for such a oportunity:) You’re my new heroe šŸ™‚ If i could choose i would be taking only photos of sailing and the dream situation would be the Americas Cup … thank you for the kind comment …

  2. Love your sailing shots. Last year I finally got some shots of my Dad sailing his boat. Nothing as exciting as your shots but fun spending the afternoon of the boat. My dad has always had a sailboat of some kind my entire life. Here is a blog I did about our afternoon sailing if you care to take a look. Thanks for stopping by my photo blog at mineeyeshaveseen.

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