1000 NM upwind – day 6/17 (38 photos)

Amorgos – Mykonos 65 NM

I was lucky to be a part of this fabulous adventure 1 and half-year ago. We had to transfer a 36 foot long sailing boat from Finike (Turkey) to Funtana (Croatia). We made it in 17 days and we left 1142 NM behind us. The route was Porec (Croatia) – Wien (Austria) – Antalya (Turkey) – Finike (Turkey) – Rhodos (Greece) – Kos (Greece) – Amorgos (Greece) – Mykonos (Greece) – Athene (Greece) – Chorint (Greece) – Nafpaktos (Greece) – Corfu (Greece) – Otranto (Italy) – Monopoli (Italy) – Vieste (Italy) – Vis (Croatia) – Murter (Croatia) – Unije (Croatia) and home, Funtana. It was the adventure of my life, the 17 best days ever.

Here is the day 6, the 28.09.2010. Amorgos – Mykonos 65 NM

Hmmmm, that day is one of the best from the 17 days spent on sea. We had the morning to discover Katapola on Amorgos island and made a great breakfast with some typical vanilla waffle (? don’t remember the exact name but still remember the taste). We left Katapola around 10 and sailed in direction of Mykonos. We made a break in the Apollon bay on Nexos island. Lunch, fast jump in the sea and then to Mykonos. On the way we saw a lot of dolphins but i wasn’t prepared so the shots were not that good. We arrived on Mykonos at 19:00, went out for dinner and few drinks and spent the whole night dancing, drinking and having fun … What a night 🙂

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