1000 NM upwind – day 5/17 (21 photos)

Kos – Amorgos 83 NM

I was lucky to be a part of this fabulous adventure 1 and half-year ago. We had to transfer a 36 foot long sailing boat from Finike (Turkey) to Funtana (Croatia). We made it in 17 days and we left 1142 NM behind us. The route was Porec (Croatia) – Wien (Austria) – Antalya (Turkey) – Finike (Turkey) – Rhodos (Greece) – Kos (Greece) – Amorgos (Greece) – Mykonos (Greece) – Athene (Greece) – Chorint (Greece) – Nafpaktos (Greece) – Corfu (Greece) – Otranto (Italy) – Monopoli (Italy) – Vieste (Italy) – Vis (Croatia) – Murter (Croatia) – Unije (Croatia) and home, Funtana. It was the adventure of my life, the 17 best days ever.

Here is the day 5, the 27.09.2010. Kos – Amorgos 83 NM

We left Kos island at 8:00 in the morning and had in plan to arrive to Mykonos that day but… the sea was “big”, the wind strong (upwind) NE and we decided to make a stop on Amorgos island – it was a great idea. Amorgos is a really beautifull island and so is Katapola, the small town where we made a stop. We arrived at 19:30, had dinner, drunk few beers and go to sleep. It was a good day.

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