1000 NM upwind – day 1 and 2/17 (20 photos)

Day 1 Porec (Croatia) – Wien (Austria) – Antalya (Turkey) – Finike Day 2 Finike – Rhodos (Greece) 117 NM I was lucky to be a part of this fabulous adventure 1 and half-year ago. We had to transfer a 36 foot long sailing boat from Finike (Turkey) to Funtana (Croatia). We made it in […]

music is what feelings sound like… (14 photos)

I have to confess that i enjoy more listening to them than making photos of them but once in a while i like to take some photos of this great performers. Here are few performers like Massimo Savic, one of the greatest voices in Croatia and some street performers from Barcelona.

Dominic Miller in concert… (9 photos)

I had the opportunity to see Dominic Miller Band performing in Umag  (Croatia). The city Hall was full of audience what was great to see as it was not a commercial pop concert but, I would call it, a jazz fusion performance. The concert began with a few tunes from the last album “In a dream”, […]